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Over the years, Katelyn Dawn has worked on many websites as a brand consultant and web designer. Check out some of her past work and see the value in a Voiceover BrandSite design.

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Past Work


Whether designing a brand for a corporation, a small business, or personal brands for freelance creatives, Katelyn’s design work is always of premium quality and completely custom. Click on the links below to view the live site!

Jordan Wilder Brandsite

Jordan Wilder
Voiceover Website


Andrew-Pierce - Voiceover BrandSites

Andrew Pierce
Voiceover Website


Katelyn Dawn Voiceover

Katelyn Dawn
Voiceover Website


Richard Crossman Medical Narration

Richard Crossman Medical Voiceover Website


Katelyn Dawn Political Brandsite

Political Voiceover Website


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LOCAL Physiotherapy

LOCAL Physiotherapy


KNH Sawatzky and Associates

KNH Sawatzky & Associates


Veritas Development Group

Veritas Development Group Website


Voiceover BrandSite Themes

Check out our stunning themes!

A Voiceover BrandSite includes every important feature you need for maximum lead conversion: easy navigation, downloadable demos, contact info, your genres and bio, studio info, and more – all intuitively displayed.

We will customize your theme to reflect your unique branding and make a powerful impression on visitors. Click on one of our designs to see the demo theme in action!


Theme 1 - Youthful Vibes

Youthful Vibes showcases an electric color palette, playful photos, and youthful brand messaging. It's what you might see if you hear "Your voice has a cool, modern, youthful quality".

Theme 2 - Corporate Vibes

Voiceover Brandsites Theme 2

Corporate Vibes has a corporate-friendly color palette, angular shapes, and the utmost professionalism. It's what you might see if you hear "Your voice is so trustworthy and authoritative."

Theme 3 - Natural Vibes

Voiceover Brandsites Theme 3

Natural Vibes has that raw, organic feel with whimsical fonts and images and neutral colors. It's what you might see if you hear "Your voice sounds so natural, warm, and effortless."


{Katelyn Dawn not only demonstrates artistic and technical prowess in WordPress web design but also pays close attention to all the writing within for best SEO practices. I have hired her multiple times and will continue to do so because she is worth every penny!
Christina Aguinaga
Voice Actor
{Katelyn has an incredible eye for the small details that make such a BIG difference. More importantly, she is an absolute pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.
Roman Bari
Voice Actor
{Katelyn is seriously an amazing designer and developer, and takes a very logical approach to this field. She develops websites from the user's perspective, rather than the actor's – which, unfortunately, is how many others do it. Having worked with her on a few sites, her knowledge – the amount of her knowledge – is what sets her apart - she incorporates trends, colors, features, SEO, accessibility, and branding that wonderfully capture the actor's personality, yet is streamlined for agents and clients. At Edge Studio, we absolutely love her! My advice is to decide which is more important; quality or price. If you answer quality, work with Katelyn.
David Goldberg
CEO, Edge Studio
{Katelyn did a terrific job guiding me through rebranding and a complete upgrade of my website. It’s been quite the journey! I knew my website wasn't at the professional level it should be, and was a drawback for my marketing. Getting it to where it needed to be was something I wasn’t prepared to take on myself. I turned to Katelyn because I saw she had the knowledge, experience, and creativity to give the website what it needed. Katelyn was able to work with me and guide me through the process and was always available to answer any questions I had along the way. I’m really happy with my new website and branding and have received a lot of positive feedback to boot. I’m proud to have it as my VO flagship. I would definitely recommend working with Katelyn.
Andrew Pierce
Voice Actor, Pierce Voice Works

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