WPEngine Hosting

Get Top Website Performance with WordPress-Optimized Hosting

Your focus should be on developing your business, not on worrying about upgrades, security, backups, and other technical headaches.

With Voiceover BrandSites, your website is part of an efficient WordPress Multisite hosting network on WPEngine, cared for by our partners at Aboundant, and exclusively available to our clients.

A Hosting Network Built with Your Voiceover Website Needs in Mind

WPEngine is trusted by Fortune 500 companies and has an impeccable reputation for reliability, support, security, and performance. Our partners at Aboundant have over 10 years of experience with creating and managing multisite hosting networks.

Multisite network hosting helps keep costs low for our clients and provides premium features that you’d pay far more for with an individual plan.

Cloud Hosting Server Illustration

Our Hosting Features

We use the following features and plugins to secure and optimize your website

FREE CDN & Fast Load Speeds

We include a free CDN through WPEngine at no additional cost. A CDN is a helpful network of servers that can deliver web content to you faster, based on where you‘re located! This helps reduce page load speeds!

All-in-One Security

We utilize a comprehensive WordPress security plugin that bundles all the necessary components for securing your website. We protect your website from brute-force attacks, common hacks, data breaches.

Free Daily Backups

Rest assured that your website is safe with our comprehensive backups. We create daily backups of your site! This way, if any data is lost, we can quickly restore your website!

Free SSL Certificates

Installing an SSL is not just a nice suggestion, it’s a necessity. SSL certificates secure the information that passes through your website and ensure that you comply with search engine requirements. Our SSL certificates are issued and renewed automatically. 

Regular Updates

Staying current with the newest version of WordPress is essential for a secure website. Don’t stress about maintaining your website updates. We make sure your software is up-to-date, and you don’t have to do a thing.

Email Support

Do you need website support? As a Voiceover BrandSite client, you can connect to support at any time at [email protected]. Our partners at Aboundant will assist you quickly and find the right solution for you.