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Let us help you upgrade your voiceover brand and website to modern, responsive, and beautiful standards – with the most bang for your buck!

Voiceover BrandSites All In One Website and Branding Solution

Is finding the right web design solution totally overwhelming?

Are you feeling analysis paralysis when it comes to investing in a website for your voiceover business? We totally understand the overwhelm. It’s a big decision!

With Voiceover BrandSites, skip the headache of web design with our simple, stress-free process! In short, we will provide all the expertise and guidance you need to get a website that’s not only beautiful and effective – but easy to update!

Voiceover BrandSites Divi Theme on WordPress

We create modern and easy to update websites using Divi and WordPress.

Divi is the most popular WordPress theme and a powerful front-end page builder. So Divi makes updating your website content easy! This means you don’t have to hire out simple tasks. Unless, of course, you want to!

We even empower you to update your own content by offering Divi and WordPress support to teach you how to edit your site! You can do it!

Voiceover BrandSites Divi Theme on WordPress
Why Voiceover BrandSites

Your complete solution for your voiceover branding, website design & more!

At Voiceover BrandSites, getting your new website up and running is so easy. We have everything covered from branding, site development, optimization, and for only $20/month we provide dedicated website hosting – even add-ons like website copywriting.

Katelyn Dawn - Voiceover BrandSites

All by a fellow voice actor who knows exactly what you need.

Hello, I’m Katelyn Dawn, and I run Voiceover BrandSites. I got my start in the agency world as a digital media designer creating websites and graphics.

In fact, I have a unique advantage in creating VO websites because I am a voice actor!

I went full-time in VO after only 2 years because I had great training and demos, and a beautiful and effective website that I marketed to clients and agents.

You bring the demos – I’ll bring the expertise in branding and website design so you can crush your web presence!

Katelyn Dawn - Voiceover BrandSites

Voiceover BrandSite Themes

Check out our stunning themes!

A Voiceover BrandSite includes every important feature you need for maximum lead conversion: easy navigation, downloadable demos, contact info, your genres and bio, studio info, and more – all intuitively displayed.

We will customize your theme to reflect your unique branding and make a powerful impression on visitors. Click on one of our designs to see the demo theme in action!


Theme 1 - Youthful Vibes

Youthful Vibes showcases an electric color palette, playful photos, and youthful brand messaging. It's what you might see if you hear "Your voice has a cool, modern, youthful quality".

Theme 2 - Corporate Vibes

Voiceover Brandsites Theme 2

Corporate Vibes has a corporate-friendly color palette, angular shapes, and the utmost professionalism. It's what you might see if you hear "Your voice is so trustworthy and authoritative."

Theme 3 - Natural Vibes

Voiceover Brandsites Theme 3

Natural Vibes has that raw, organic feel with whimsical fonts and images and neutral colors. It's what you might see if you hear "Your voice sounds so natural, warm, and effortless."

Our Process is Easy! & FAST!

Once you process your order, the journey from A–BrandSite is as simple as…


Select Your Theme

Pick your favorite theme which we will customize to match your branding.


Your Brand Creation

We will chat in depth about who you are, and your sound, and create a brand that is authentically you.


Send Your Content

You send over your bio, headshot, demos, and other content you want on your BrandSite.


Theme Customization

We put it all together and customize your website theme to reflect your new brand.


Launch Your BrandSite

When your site is complete, we will optimize and publish your new Voiceover BrandSite!

Our Work

Click on the links below to view our live Voiceover BrandSites!

Jordan Wilder Brandsite

Jordan Wilder Voiceover Website


Andrew-Pierce - Voiceover BrandSites

Andrew Pierce
Voiceover Website


Katelyn Dawn Voiceover

Katelyn Dawn
Voiceover Website



{Katelyn Dawn not only demonstrates artistic and technical prowess in WordPress web design but also pays close attention to all the writing within for best SEO practices. I have hired her multiple times and will continue to do so because she is worth every penny!
Christina Aguinaga
Voice Actor
{Katelyn has an incredible eye for the small details that make such a BIG difference. More importantly, she is an absolute pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.
Roman Bari
Voice Actor
{Katelyn is seriously an amazing designer and developer, and takes a very logical approach to this field. She develops websites from the user's perspective, rather than the actor's – which, unfortunately, is how many others do it. Having worked with her on a few sites, her knowledge – the amount of her knowledge – is what sets her apart - she incorporates trends, colors, features, SEO, accessibility, and branding that wonderfully capture the actor's personality, yet is streamlined for agents and clients. At Edge Studio, we absolutely love her! My advice is to decide which is more important; quality or price. If you answer quality, work with Katelyn.
David Goldberg
CEO, Edge Studio
{Katelyn did a terrific job guiding me through rebranding and a complete upgrade of my website. It’s been quite the journey! I knew my website wasn't at the professional level it should be, and was a drawback for my marketing. Getting it to where it needed to be was something I wasn’t prepared to take on myself. I turned to Katelyn because I saw she had the knowledge, experience, and creativity to give the website what it needed. Katelyn was able to work with me and guide me through the process and was always available to answer any questions I had along the way. I’m really happy with my new website and branding and have received a lot of positive feedback to boot. I’m proud to have it as my VO flagship. I would definitely recommend working with Katelyn.
Andrew Pierce
Voice Actor, Pierce Voice Works

Our Pricing

Limited Time Offer!

For a limited time purchase the One-Page Voiceover BrandSite – and get a Blog Design and Additional Genre page FREE!


Voiceover BrandSites - Benefits

Additional Benefits

We have lots of great features and benefits available to you when you trust Voiceover BrandSites to create your voiceover website and branding!

Voiceover BrandSites Favicon

Save Money

There are a number of options out there for voiceover branding and website packages upwards of $5000! As a creative freelancer, that is simply out of the price range for most voice actors. Our BrandSites look like a $5000+ site but only cost a fraction.

Voiceover BrandSites Favicon

Serious Value

Our bundled package includes branding, web design, support, and free monthly live sessions to learn how to update your website, you get serious value for your investment! 

Voiceover BrandSites Favicon

Be Proud To Market Yourself

When you have an effective and beautiful website that makes a potential client, agent or casting director go “WOW!” then you’ve really got a powerful marketing tool. We spend enough on demos as voice actors, they deserve to shine on a killer website. Don’t let an unprofessional website hold you back! Market yourself with confidence with a Voiceover BrandSite!

Voiceover BrandSites Favicon

Uncover Your Unique Brand

When it comes to how you present yourself online, you want to look professional, modern, and unique! With a Voiceover BrandSite, you get a professional website optimized to modern standards, plus an authentic brand that is uniquely yours.

Voiceover BrandSites Favicon

Divi Page Builder

Divi is a simple “what you see is what you get” page builder. Edit in real-time on the front-end of your website. No coding is necessary! Hire us to do updates, or learn how easy it is to do it yourself!

Voiceover BrandSites Favicon

Working with a Fellow Voice Actor

Hi, Katelyn Dawn here. Voiceover BrandSites is a project I saw a need for in the voiceover industry. As a strong designer who is also a voice actor, I know your unique challenges and needs and how to solve them. Like how to stand out from the crowd, and make your intangible “essence” tangible in your branding! Let’s create something special!

Get Started Today!

Are you ready to simplify your voiceover web design and branding process? We would love to hear from you! When you are proud to market your voiceover business, you can market with confidence and build that client list!

Don’t wait! You’ll be so glad you worked with us.



    What voiceover demo players are available?

    Your Voiceover BrandSite comes with a free audio player like the one you see in our Themes. We can also integrate the audio player from VoiceZam if you have a subscription, the WoVO Player if you are a member, or any other WordPress audio player plugin you prefer.

    What is included with a Voiceover BrandSite?

    In our one-page website and branding bundle, you will receive:

    • Your Voiceover BrandSite theme
    • A licensed installation of Divi WordPress theme
    • Brand consulting and creative direction (incl. 3 hours)
    • Theme customization so colors and fonts match your brand
    • Adding your content - text, demos, testimonials, etc.
    • Site Optimization - SEO, images, page load speed
    • Mobile-friendly responsive design implemented
    • Optimize domain settings (email, Google Analytics)
    • Free Monthly Divi Editing Live-Video Sessions
      How do I maintain my website after it's done?

      You have a few great options for ongoing website updates!

      First, just fill out the service request form. We will connect you with either Katelyn from Voiceover BrandSites or one of our trusted partners for website updates.

      Secondly, you can attend a live monthly Q&A we are setting up shortly on Facebook. Here you can ask questions that have you stumped and Katelyn will assist you in learning how to make the update yourself.

      Lastly, you can always purchase a one-on-one training session with Voiceover BrandSites at an hourly rate of $75. We will train you on how to use the Divi page builder and edit your WordPress website.

      How do I submit a service request?

      Fill out the form on our Service Request page.

      How do I submit my order?

      Once you are ready to officially get started on your Voiceover BrandSite, you will receive an invoice to pay for part of your site costs. You can pay via ACH transfer, eTransfer (Canada), PayPal, or credit card via our Stripe pay link.

      Can you make a small update to my existing website that is NOT a Voiceover BrandSite?

      At this time we only offer content and website updates to existing Voiceover BrandSite clients. This is due to the fact that Voiceover BrandSites is run by a full-time voice actor, so we need to streamline our services. If your website is in need of a complete re-brand and re-design we would love to chat with you. Send us a message!

      Are you an existing Voiceover BrandSite client in need of a website update? Submit a service request here.

      Can I use my own web host?

      At Voiceover BrandSites, we can provide web hosting for you, or work with the host of your choice.

      Learn about all the amazing benefits of using our hosting here:
      learn more.

      How do I get started?

      We are so excited to help you crush your online presence with a Voiceover BrandSite! To get started, fill out the form above to connect with Katelyn and get things started! Or, book a free 15-minute consultation to chat about your needs.