Christina Aguinaga

Katelyn Dawn not only demonstrates artistic and technical prowess in WordPress web design but also pays close attention to all the writing within for best SEO practices. I have hired her multiple times and will continue to do so because she is worth every penny!

Roman Bari

Katelyn has an incredible eye for the small details that make such a BIG difference. More importantly, she is an absolute pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.

David Goldberg

Katelyn is seriously an amazing designer and developer, and takes a very logical approach to this field. She develops websites from the user’s perspective, rather than the actor’s – which, unfortunately, is how many others do it. Having worked with her on...

Andrew Pierce

Katelyn did a terrific job guiding me through rebranding and a complete upgrade of my website. It’s been quite the journey! I knew my website wasn’t at the professional level it should be, and was a drawback for my marketing. Getting it to where it needed to be...